Saturday, February 15, 2014

4th Semester Results.

Hi everyone.
I think you guys are sick of me saying i'm sorry right. But still you guys do deserve an apology. I did not kept my words. Therefore i'm very sorry. I dont know why, its so hard to find the inspiration to write anything. Maybe because i have so little thing going on in my life it become hard to write.
Anyway lets continue with today topic which is my 4th semester result. As everyone know, i'm currently a student of Bachelor of Science (Physics) at UiTM Perlis. So last January i've finish my 4th semester as a student there. Did my finals and everything. So, last Valentine's day, UiTM release the result of the finals for all their students. Alhamdulillah, it was a positive result for me. How positive? 3.73 positive. Yeah, My GPA for the semester was 3.73. It's a Dean's list result and i'm very grateful for that. The results was 2 A, 4A- and a B+. I'm very grateful but...
I know it is a very good result but i was kinda hoping for a higher result last semester. It was my 2013 new year's resolution to get a 4.0 GPA in any semester last year. Unfortunately, the first sem of last year i can only muster up a 3.68 and last sem, as you guys well know, 3.73. It kind of a downer since i can't achieve any of my new year's resolution. But still i'm grateful. Another reason why i was hoping for higher is because i'm right now in a healthy competition with a Biology student. Unfortunately this sem i lose again. He got a 3.93. I know you might think it is like comparing apple and oranges by having a competition with a bio student. But its fun to have this competition. Haha.
Anyway, my 4th semester is in the past now. There's no need to cry over spilt milk right. Just keep my head up try harder next sem to achieve my goal to at least get a 4.0 GPA in one of my remaining two semester here in UiTM Perlis.
P/s: for my friends reading this, yes we can. Yes we can reach the sky. All we need is faith and a lot of effort. Never stop believing and never stop trying. Again,
See you guys again next time.
My result slip of last semester. Arabic Language was supposed to be a free win but i messed up. Also, financial management and waves and optic. But i've tried my best. What can i do. 

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