Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Random Rambling

Hi everyone,

Honestly, I don't know what to write about today. I'm just so bored sitting at home channel surfing. There is nothing good on tv. Therefore, I thought I go on some random rambling about anything i can talk about. Unfortunately for me, I don't usually do rambling. I usually ramble when people ask me question or something. That's why I love hanging out with Safwan Omar. He is so curious that he usually the one who ask question. I'll be the one to answer his question. Regardless whether the answer of his question is true or not. You know what, maybe I'll talk about my knowledge about the current state of Liverpool FC.

If you guys don't know this, Liverpool FC is my favourite team of football. (Yes, I'm going with football instead of soccer because i like football better) Anyway, I have been a fan since 2005 after i watch the UEFA Champion League finals where Liverpool won in such a comeback fashion. That year the team went against the informidable AC Milan. We were down 3-0 by the half-time. But miracle happens where Liverpool bounce back to take the game into penalty with 3-3 and won. I remember I was in awe with such team spirit portrayed by the team. Ever since I become a fan of Liverpool FC.

The team that won the tournament. Gotta love those guys.
And now its 9 years later, Liverpool hasn't been as great as they were those year but I believe they are showing their stride again. Now, Liverpool is under the management style of Brendan Rodgers and i have to admit I am in love with him. But honestly, the first time I heard Liverpool was hiring him over King Kenny, I have my doubt. Now, not anymore. Especially after they show a play style which is so different.
Liverpool FC current line up. See the stars of Luis Suarez, Steven Gerrard, Daniel Sturridge, Philip Couinho and many more. The lads are good. 
 Anyway, I'm not going to talk about the individual right now in the team, because Liverpool FC have always been a team. Not a one person team. No matter how good Luis Suarez is. Here is my opinion on today's Liverpool FC performance. I believe that the team is a good contender for the Premier League title. I know that Brendan Rodger said they are only looking at the top 4 place for a placement in the UeFA Champions League contention for next year. But with the style they are playing right now, I believe we can push for the Premier League place. Right now, Liverpool have only 12 matches left for the team to win. I think the biggest obstacle for the team is Manchester City. The first leg, we almost won that match. If we can beat them, I'm sure we can win against Chelsea. So, I believe the team can win Premier League this season, not just the top 4 place.

I believe in Brendan Rodgers style. Even though people might view playing with more youngster is dangerous, but I do believe he can show the youngster and mold them to be great. Only I hope they dont go on and play the youngster too much since we have 12 games to win. Other than that we can also see that the Liverpool FC plays faster under Brendan Rodgers. Ball stays on the ground and passes were short. Precise and fast play with Coutinho controlling the midfield. I love the style they were playing nowadays. They play with speed. That's why I love the Brendan Rodgers style.

I hope the team take the title this year, I really do. The team is more than capable of doing so. They have to keep focus and play like the way they are playing right now. Furthermore, we already  have two top scoring player in the Premier League right now in Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge. With those two scoring so much, we can win this!!

I believe in the dude!!!

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