Friday, May 20, 2011

Photography through my Eyes...

Hello again,

I've cried my eyes out on the last post. Therefore, I think I share something that make me happy in this post. As the title suggest; it is about my take on PHOTOGRAPHY. I'm going to give you any tips because I'm not in a position to give such things. i just an enthusiastic photographer. I'm not a pro. i wish i am but i doesn't reach that high of an achievement. however, if you think what i wrote is any good for you. then please use it. I'm happy to teach anyone about this i knew.

But first, I want to speak of a short story on how I get into this business. it is really short. The story is I DON'T KNOW. :)) Actually, I think I started to get interested in photography is because of a friend. his name is Ajwad. also known as Ajinda. We haven't been talking for a while now. but I think I can still can him a friend. or maybe someone I admired. back in MRSM Kuala Lipis, I never knew anyone that is so interested in art at such a young age. back then we like to talk about cameras and comics art. of course, he was the better one. he was my mentor I could say. Anyway, seeing him so interested in photography and art makes me want to engage this world too. Unfortunately, because of my blind ambition towards getting rich fast, I put art on the side and try to focus on science and the professional part of life. Another reason for my interest, I could say is my mom. at my house there is a old Konica Minolta SLR lying around broken. my mom always told me that she wants to take picture with that camera one more time. My burning heart said "you know what mom, I'll give you even better. I'll give you a DSLR."
But not out loud of course. Anyway, with that I think to myself, maybe once I get to Canada I want to buy myself a DSLR even if I'm going to starve myself. haha. I guess my mom love towards camera is inherit to me. and my dad love towards gadget is also inherit to me. but that is on some other time. Third, I think is because I watch National Geographic and Discovery way too much. actually make me want to see the world. Thus born my love towards photography.

now, let's talk about my gears and why;

Where Are You?

i remember,
when you are little,
you're a riot,
always making joke,
always running around,
causing trouble to Tok Ma and Tok Ayah,
an energetic little fella you were.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Adventure Across Ottawa

This will not be the continuation of my sad story. but this is the story of my adventure. why i called it an adventure because i cycled for 4 hours yesterday. just because i want to see the Tulips Festival 2011 here in Ottawa. At first, i was only planning for an hour cycle to downtown and back. but i think to myself. why stop there. so here is my route;
Hog's Back-> Major Hill Park-> Downtown-> Hull, Quebec-> along the Ottawa River-> War Museum-> Britannia Park-> Experimental Farm.
 All those destinations took me 4 hours. i can't even believe that my body can handle that much of cycling. so basically i rode my bike along the Rideau Canal and along the Ottawa River. To paint you a picture of are the Google Map of it...
My Route. From cool am I...haha

Monday, May 2, 2011


My DinnerChicken!!!how to make ramen look tasty 2...Poached EggBridgehead's Coffee and lemon square
lemon garlic chickenNew York CheesecakeMy Lunchmy medicine...
Lemon Thyme Cake and Tea
Food!!, a set on Flickr.
an intermission before i continue with my sad life story of failure...

Via Flickr:
food that i ate