Friday, May 20, 2011

Where Are You?

i remember,
when you are little,
you're a riot,
always making joke,
always running around,
causing trouble to Tok Ma and Tok Ayah,
an energetic little fella you were.

i remember,
you are full of dreams,
scientist, astronaut, aeronautic engineer,
artist, doctor, football player,
psychologist, photographer, Starcraft 2 gamer,
those are your dreams,
a litlle dreamer you were.

i remember,
a smart one you are,
skip standard 4,
the 3rd person in line to become the best students in UPSR,
your math teacher love you,
even used you help to solve a PMR problems,
sciences teachers amazed by your passions,
your art teachers like you,
your language and religion teachers,
last but not least; your Computer teachers,
they all believe you are smart,
an intelligent fella you were.

i remember,
you have many friends,
everyone you call friends,
those who hurt you,
those who ignored you,
those who love you,
those who you hate,
everyone is a friend,
a friendly fella you were,

i remember,
how religious you were,

but now,
you're always tired,
you're not even happy you're alive,
you're failing everything,
you're alone,

so syazli,
i'll ask you,
where do you hid me,
please bring me back...


  1. syazli, life is not always easy. And the path to al-jannah also is not easy as well. This is just a test from Him for his beloved slave babe ;)

  2. thanks farhana...u always know what to say...

  3. that is why people always need friend ;)


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