Monday, October 31, 2011


Hello everyone,
Damn, it been so long since i last post anything in here. why u might ask? Well the reason is simply, nothing good happen in life so far. Maybe my first Aidilfitri in Malaysia after 4 Aidilfitri in Canada but it is just the same as 5 years ago. in fact, it was pretty bad. No Aidilfitri BBQ. My bro have to leave early. and no out of this world fireworks that i expected. So I did not write anything. and then with very little income, i cant do anything super fun. plus i dont have license to drive a car. and public transport here only take you the boring place. so yeah, no update.

However, i wanna make this post cuz, i'm thinking of creating a new blog. Probably a photoblog, if all goes well. Or maybe i wanna delete this one. Thus, i wanna thank everyone who read my blog and comments. Thank you.