Thursday, February 20, 2014

Today I Walk

Hi everyone,

So today I'm going to talk to you guys about what I did today. It has been a long time since I did what I did today. See here, I like to do some photography. Not really good at it but I still try whenever I got the chance. And I have been out of the game for such a long time. I didn't bring the camera with me at Arau because I know i won't have time to play with it considering that the public transport in Perlis is abysmal and I only one a bicycle. So I did not bring to me. Unfortunately, even during holiday I did not play with it also. But today, thing changes. I went out and try to get some photos.

So today, I went to the National Museum here in KL hoping to catch some good shot. Honestly, I did not know how to get to there. So I just gamble by using the LRT Kelana Jaya Line and stop at Pasar Seni. I went through National Mosque. and walk like 1 km or more and got there. So Alhamdulillah I got there. Even better the route I took actually earn me some cool view. Unfortunately, I went super stupid by bringing my Canon 50mm prime lens only. So it was hard to photos of cool Kuala Lumpur Architecture with a freaking 50mm lens.Maybe I one day I might try again.

Here are some of the best shots I manage to whip out. Again, I need to stress that it is not my greatest work and I'm very rusty. Even worst that I did not use the proper tools and I did not take my time to edit anything. So what you see is what you get. Enjoy

This picture was taken to show the KTM Station Kuala Lumpur. Unfortunately, with a prime lens, there is nothing much to see. 

This dude were showering some plant. I think this is not his first gig. I told him I want to take his picture and he steadily said "Okay". Cool guy.

Some tourist shot. I went to museum on a Thursday, of course there is plenty of tourist because Malaysians were working.

Just a couple of tourist having a rest in front of the National Mosque.

Again some tourist buying street art from the lady there. That lady got some mad skills on her hands. 

This is not some Han Solo freezing thing like in Star Wars. This is an mural of the legendary/mythical Hang Tuah, the greatest warrior Malay ever have. Unfortunately there is nothing much about him in the Museum. I was kinda wanting to read more about him. I like to know more on where he is last told to be. I want to know whether he is a legend or just a myth.

This is basically a replica of the throne of the past Sultan Melaka.

A replica head of the ship of the royal armada in early Malay period. When Malacca was a big name in world trading. 

This is interesting. This the golden tree where the 3 nation up north of Peninsula Malaysia would give to the Thai back in 15th century (dont quote me on that time period). Anyway, I was surprise to see this. I learnt about it in highschool that Kelantan, Kedah and maybe Terengganu gave ufti to Thai as a symbol of friendship. Got to finally see it and see the size of it. It is kinda amazing.  

This is a scale model of the quarry to search for tin. During the British Colonial, they went all out to take the Peninsula Malaysia resource that this huge monster where build in place like Perak and Pahang.  

The bicycle the Japanese use to invade Peninsula Malaysia. Can you believe that those Japan ride bikes to invade Malaysia. Amazing.

These are the artifacts of the one Malay fighter named Haji Abdul Rahman Limbong. 

This is another amazing thing I finally got to see. This is the Proclamation of Independence. This is the letter that prove that Malaysia is free from the British Colonialism. It is amazing to see finally see it. Below is the same thing only in Malay but written in Jawi.  

This the Tengkolok of the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong. 
Finally i end it with a photo of a very famous game in our Malay culture. Although our culture is slowly yet surely fading away. Seeing such congkak set is amazing for me. 
So I guess that would be all. Again, I want to remind that everything I said here must not be quoted. I write this on the fly. No pre-research was made prior to the writing. Even I dont know the truthfulness of what I wrote here. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed reading this.

See you guys again tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Random Rambling

Hi everyone,

Honestly, I don't know what to write about today. I'm just so bored sitting at home channel surfing. There is nothing good on tv. Therefore, I thought I go on some random rambling about anything i can talk about. Unfortunately for me, I don't usually do rambling. I usually ramble when people ask me question or something. That's why I love hanging out with Safwan Omar. He is so curious that he usually the one who ask question. I'll be the one to answer his question. Regardless whether the answer of his question is true or not. You know what, maybe I'll talk about my knowledge about the current state of Liverpool FC.

If you guys don't know this, Liverpool FC is my favourite team of football. (Yes, I'm going with football instead of soccer because i like football better) Anyway, I have been a fan since 2005 after i watch the UEFA Champion League finals where Liverpool won in such a comeback fashion. That year the team went against the informidable AC Milan. We were down 3-0 by the half-time. But miracle happens where Liverpool bounce back to take the game into penalty with 3-3 and won. I remember I was in awe with such team spirit portrayed by the team. Ever since I become a fan of Liverpool FC.

The team that won the tournament. Gotta love those guys.
And now its 9 years later, Liverpool hasn't been as great as they were those year but I believe they are showing their stride again. Now, Liverpool is under the management style of Brendan Rodgers and i have to admit I am in love with him. But honestly, the first time I heard Liverpool was hiring him over King Kenny, I have my doubt. Now, not anymore. Especially after they show a play style which is so different.
Liverpool FC current line up. See the stars of Luis Suarez, Steven Gerrard, Daniel Sturridge, Philip Couinho and many more. The lads are good. 
 Anyway, I'm not going to talk about the individual right now in the team, because Liverpool FC have always been a team. Not a one person team. No matter how good Luis Suarez is. Here is my opinion on today's Liverpool FC performance. I believe that the team is a good contender for the Premier League title. I know that Brendan Rodger said they are only looking at the top 4 place for a placement in the UeFA Champions League contention for next year. But with the style they are playing right now, I believe we can push for the Premier League place. Right now, Liverpool have only 12 matches left for the team to win. I think the biggest obstacle for the team is Manchester City. The first leg, we almost won that match. If we can beat them, I'm sure we can win against Chelsea. So, I believe the team can win Premier League this season, not just the top 4 place.

I believe in Brendan Rodgers style. Even though people might view playing with more youngster is dangerous, but I do believe he can show the youngster and mold them to be great. Only I hope they dont go on and play the youngster too much since we have 12 games to win. Other than that we can also see that the Liverpool FC plays faster under Brendan Rodgers. Ball stays on the ground and passes were short. Precise and fast play with Coutinho controlling the midfield. I love the style they were playing nowadays. They play with speed. That's why I love the Brendan Rodgers style.

I hope the team take the title this year, I really do. The team is more than capable of doing so. They have to keep focus and play like the way they are playing right now. Furthermore, we already  have two top scoring player in the Premier League right now in Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge. With those two scoring so much, we can win this!!

I believe in the dude!!!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Kenapa Berdiam

Kenapa berdiam?
Aku disini menanti jawapanmu,
Telah ku lafazkan isiku,
Namun kamu disitu,
Diam membisu.

Mengapa membisu?
Bukankah itu yang kamu mahu dengar,
Nukilan hatiku yang sememangnya benar,
Meskipun kau lihat tanganku ketar,
Ketakutan tidak mahu hatiku dikelar,

Adakah kau jua ketar?
Semua orang punyai kisah silam,
Bersembunyi di hati begitu dalam,
Kisah yang selalunya penuh garam,
Kisah yang kita biarkan di dalam makam.

Bukan niatku mengali makam itu,
Niatku menghapuskannya,
Agar kau tidak perlu ketar lagi,
Tidak perlu ketakutan akan kisah silau,
Kerana aku mahukan masa depanmu,
Sebuah rumah,
2 orang kanak-kanak berlari,
Kita memandang ke langit,
Mempedulikan makam lampau yang musnah,
Oleh itu ku tanyakan,
Kenapa engkau masih lagi berdiam?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Robocop: My Review

Hello everyone,
I can't sleep right now. Its 3.55 am here in Gombak, Malaysia. So i thought i write a review on the latest movie that i watch on cinema. I rarely watch movie at cinema, mainly because of geographical reasons. Let me tell u this, Perlis has no cinema whatsoever. So i am constraint to watch movie anytime i can steal a couple of hours during my holiday. So luckily, during this holiday, just a couple of days ago, me and my friend manage to catch this movie; Robocop
Let me start by saying, Robocop was my childhood memory. I remember when i was a little kid, maybe 7 or 6 years old, i have a Robocop action figure. I fight my dad to get that. Haha. I watch the movie back then and i liked it so much. Anyway, i was going into this movie with some expectation. I didn't put a lot of hope in it because Hollywood can sometimes screw up remake. So i went in the movie thinking i was just going to enjoy this movie.
And honestly, i did enjoyed the movie very much. First of all, i really enjoyed the new look of Robocop. At first i thought the new look is going to be a duplicate of iron man or something. But it wasn't. They did not went crazy superhero on Robocop. They kept Robocop vulnerablity, if it got shot i get scratch or get damage. Even better that the body does make him run faster or jump higher kinda stuffs. Robocop is cyborg who is a cop. Not the saviour of mankind or anything. That lead to my second point i like about the movie, the action. The original Robocop were slow like Frankenstein Monster, the new one is faster. Giving more action to enjoy. Seeing Robocop turn and turn to shoot enemies is a satisfaction indeed. The third reason was the sciences behind Robocop. The technology and the science of controlling robot with our mind is intriguing.
However, nothing is perfect. What i dont like about the movie. The first one got the be Robocop partner. His acting was adequate. I wish he plays more role in Robocop as his partner. Secondly, the villain. I hate that the motivation of the villain. So much power in his hand but his evil doing is not grand enough for the power he had. I wish he could be more evil.
As a conclusion, this movie discuss the human emotion, what it meant to be human. As the reasons written above, i gave Robocop a solid 7/10. I believe you guys will enjoy it.
Therefore, that will conclude my first movie review. I like watching movie and i hope i can do this more. And maybe improved on things i can say in this kind of entry.
Peace out people.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

4th Semester Results.

Hi everyone.
I think you guys are sick of me saying i'm sorry right. But still you guys do deserve an apology. I did not kept my words. Therefore i'm very sorry. I dont know why, its so hard to find the inspiration to write anything. Maybe because i have so little thing going on in my life it become hard to write.
Anyway lets continue with today topic which is my 4th semester result. As everyone know, i'm currently a student of Bachelor of Science (Physics) at UiTM Perlis. So last January i've finish my 4th semester as a student there. Did my finals and everything. So, last Valentine's day, UiTM release the result of the finals for all their students. Alhamdulillah, it was a positive result for me. How positive? 3.73 positive. Yeah, My GPA for the semester was 3.73. It's a Dean's list result and i'm very grateful for that. The results was 2 A, 4A- and a B+. I'm very grateful but...
I know it is a very good result but i was kinda hoping for a higher result last semester. It was my 2013 new year's resolution to get a 4.0 GPA in any semester last year. Unfortunately, the first sem of last year i can only muster up a 3.68 and last sem, as you guys well know, 3.73. It kind of a downer since i can't achieve any of my new year's resolution. But still i'm grateful. Another reason why i was hoping for higher is because i'm right now in a healthy competition with a Biology student. Unfortunately this sem i lose again. He got a 3.93. I know you might think it is like comparing apple and oranges by having a competition with a bio student. But its fun to have this competition. Haha.
Anyway, my 4th semester is in the past now. There's no need to cry over spilt milk right. Just keep my head up try harder next sem to achieve my goal to at least get a 4.0 GPA in one of my remaining two semester here in UiTM Perlis.
P/s: for my friends reading this, yes we can. Yes we can reach the sky. All we need is faith and a lot of effort. Never stop believing and never stop trying. Again,
See you guys again next time.
My result slip of last semester. Arabic Language was supposed to be a free win but i messed up. Also, financial management and waves and optic. But i've tried my best. What can i do.