Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Life

hello everyone,
i know. my name is Syazli if anybody already forget that. haha. yes, it has been so long since i wrote anything here. it because i was busy, i just don't know what to write anymore. nothing cool happen in my life. but i can confirm you that a lot has changed. for once, my university. for those who doesn't know, i studied at UiTM Arau, Perlis now. i'm studying physics now. yes, PHYSICS. i failed Engineering PHYSICS, wonder what gonna happen with physics. haha. dont worry, i'm a lil bit more focus now. back then, i got distracted too much. plus, engineering sucks so much. yes, engineering students who still think i'm your friend, i think ENGINEERING SUCKS!!!! said the guy who took a course that is 50% engineering made of and probably end up working in that area too. haha. but life is pretty good.

okay, that is for now. just want to post something since i like writing shit when i have the mood to write. when i dont have any determination to write. this kind of post created. good night people.

p/s: The Dark Knight Rises is NOW!!!! i need a date to take to watch it or someone.

look!!! That's ME!!!

Look man!! MY sucky room!!!