Monday, December 31, 2012

Bye Bye 2012

hello everyone,
it is the end of year 2012. and unlike the past 2 years, this year has been nice to me. if anyone follow my past post, they'll know how i dug my own grave and do a somersault into it. i literally did that. but this year, it is different. 2012 has been very kind to me. there hasn't been so many heartache this year and there's been a lot of "hold your chin high" moment for me.

first of all, the most memorable moment this year would be my getting in UiTM. well, UiTM is pretty easy to get in. but the fact that i said "fuck it, i had enough sobbing" and get myself to get to UiTM after 6 months of "finding myself" was a big deal for me. i had friends who unfortunately had the same fate as me and they told their stories. there are goes to deep depression, there's guy that waited a year to get back on his feet and there's even one who needed professional help. i was lucky i don't need all that and all i need was 6 months with my family. so although getting in UiTM was not a big deal at all, but finding the courage to move on, to rise was a big deal.

second, my first dean list!! yes, this year i manage to insert myself into the dean list. yes, i know half of my readers actually a regular in that list but this year is my year. haha. but seriously, after my fall, i start to doubt my brain, like i start to think i'm dumb. like seriously i thought i was dumb. and everything leading to Canada was a series of fortunate event. but the dean list actually reassured me that i'm pretty smart. i do realize i sound like i'm committing one of the 7 deadly sin, "pride". but i dont care, i was so down this moral victory is what i need. so, i'm very glad that i'm not dumb, or at least not yet. hehe.

third, i have to say a new girlfriend. yes, i'm not at all ashamed to say that i have a new girlfriend. i have to say that it is a win because i just could use one. i have always been  a close book. ask my mom. she knows about my failure a month before i got back. i'm sorry umi. but a girlfriend is the only one person i think i can be a little open. they can say friends or bestfriend but i have major trust issue that i just cant trust anyone. so a girlfriend is really helpful. i think i mention somewhere i did have a girlfriend before but ended just before i left Canada. but in 2012, that spot been filled again. although it was from the end of October 2012 officially, it still count. just shows that i'm still lovable.

so far i talk about the ups, and for the down, there isn't much, like seriously. i think there has been much things that disappoint me in 2012. the worst thing to happen is probably MARA rejecting me from continuing their scholarship. those lovely people said they to sponsor IPTA. it sucks!! but i still manage to get JPA even though those bastard hasn't given me my money, i'm still happy about it. and i also got rejected by a friend. but it doesn't hurt that much because it is my second time asking. so no hard feeling. i also gain like 20 kg the beginning of 2012 but lost it in the middle of 2012. so not worth mentioning.

i guess that's my life in review for 2012. full of ups. very little downs. i'm very happy with 2012 after the couple of years i have in 2010 and 2011. it is a new start for me. a start for greatness ahead. i'm looking forward for 2013 as i ready myself to be awesome. therefore, bye bye 2012. hope to see you again once i created time-travelling. (i know it is impossible, dont burn me).

i would like to add my latest picture but this is the only one. meet Illani. :) 

Monday, December 3, 2012


hello everyone,
it has been a while right? i just want to update a little about me. i'm doing just fine right now here at UiTM Arau, Perlis. Yes, it does sucks being at what i can best describe as a "university highschool" (it really do feel like being back in high school.) but it suck less because my GPA was something i can be proud of in quite sometimes (3.83) and i lost 20 kg since March 2012. so proud of myself. i know it is not good to be proud of thyself, but give me a break after 2 years being lost. also, i found myself a beautiful girlfriend to help me keep my cool and motivate me. i know a lot of people says that a gf would not help. but i think it help me a little. i'll talk about her later. ok, i think i have nothing more to say here.

i'll get back to you guys later. :)

p/s: here's my last sem GPA. Alhamdulillah.

MAT421 - CALCULUS I ( 3.0 )
PHY430 - PHYSICS I ( 4.0 )

Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Life

hello everyone,
i know. my name is Syazli if anybody already forget that. haha. yes, it has been so long since i wrote anything here. it because i was busy, i just don't know what to write anymore. nothing cool happen in my life. but i can confirm you that a lot has changed. for once, my university. for those who doesn't know, i studied at UiTM Arau, Perlis now. i'm studying physics now. yes, PHYSICS. i failed Engineering PHYSICS, wonder what gonna happen with physics. haha. dont worry, i'm a lil bit more focus now. back then, i got distracted too much. plus, engineering sucks so much. yes, engineering students who still think i'm your friend, i think ENGINEERING SUCKS!!!! said the guy who took a course that is 50% engineering made of and probably end up working in that area too. haha. but life is pretty good.

okay, that is for now. just want to post something since i like writing shit when i have the mood to write. when i dont have any determination to write. this kind of post created. good night people.

p/s: The Dark Knight Rises is NOW!!!! i need a date to take to watch it or someone.

look!!! That's ME!!!

Look man!! MY sucky room!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Starting Anew

hello everyone.

God knows when was the last time i wrote anything in here because i can't remember the last time i wrote. anyway, Alhamdulillah today will be the day i write something here. but it will be a short post. plus it is 4.30 am here in KL. why am I still awake? i don't know. HAHA.