Saturday, April 28, 2012

Starting Anew

hello everyone.

God knows when was the last time i wrote anything in here because i can't remember the last time i wrote. anyway, Alhamdulillah today will be the day i write something here. but it will be a short post. plus it is 4.30 am here in KL. why am I still awake? i don't know. HAHA.

So, where to i start? i guess i'll start with the post title, "Starting Anew". why that after so long? you can answer that. because it has been a long time. that's why. i think it would be a great time to start again i guess.

What do i do now? right now, after the depressing almost 1 year of my life, i decided to continue with life at Arau, Perlis. at first, i was shitting myself to continue here, a place that i doesn't even know. i was more scared about moving to Arau than moving to Ottawa, ON, Canada. i kid you not. i tried googling something about the place, i found nothing. but they said the first step is always the scariest. so, i just go on with it. the scariest thing about coming to Arau was to continue study in Physics at a place i thought there was not internet at all. so Wolfram Alpha cannot help me. so here i am at a place i know nothing about studying in program that i know is hard.

the good news is that, the place isn't half bad. it doesn't half the fastest internet but at least there is internet there. can't play Starcraft 2 though. kind of frustrating but i guess that'll be my sacrifice. "No greatness can be achieve without sacrifice" right? the place is quiet and the air is as fresh as Ottawa. a little hot but this is Malaysia, everywhere is hot. HAHA. but so far i don't hate living there. but it is too soon to say i love it there.

At the end of the day, Arau will be the place i'll try to rebuild my life. you know, get myself on the right track again. i've been way off track this past 6 month that being in an isolated place north of Malaysia would be great to find myself again. and hopefully be successful.

Anyway, i guess that'll be my update right now. i hope that everyone's doing great right now. Pray for my success here in Arau. 

p/s: To all my friends graduating this year that is reading this, Congratulation guys. wish i could be one of you guys. :)

just thought i put this here. haha

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