Sunday, February 16, 2014

Robocop: My Review

Hello everyone,
I can't sleep right now. Its 3.55 am here in Gombak, Malaysia. So i thought i write a review on the latest movie that i watch on cinema. I rarely watch movie at cinema, mainly because of geographical reasons. Let me tell u this, Perlis has no cinema whatsoever. So i am constraint to watch movie anytime i can steal a couple of hours during my holiday. So luckily, during this holiday, just a couple of days ago, me and my friend manage to catch this movie; Robocop
Let me start by saying, Robocop was my childhood memory. I remember when i was a little kid, maybe 7 or 6 years old, i have a Robocop action figure. I fight my dad to get that. Haha. I watch the movie back then and i liked it so much. Anyway, i was going into this movie with some expectation. I didn't put a lot of hope in it because Hollywood can sometimes screw up remake. So i went in the movie thinking i was just going to enjoy this movie.
And honestly, i did enjoyed the movie very much. First of all, i really enjoyed the new look of Robocop. At first i thought the new look is going to be a duplicate of iron man or something. But it wasn't. They did not went crazy superhero on Robocop. They kept Robocop vulnerablity, if it got shot i get scratch or get damage. Even better that the body does make him run faster or jump higher kinda stuffs. Robocop is cyborg who is a cop. Not the saviour of mankind or anything. That lead to my second point i like about the movie, the action. The original Robocop were slow like Frankenstein Monster, the new one is faster. Giving more action to enjoy. Seeing Robocop turn and turn to shoot enemies is a satisfaction indeed. The third reason was the sciences behind Robocop. The technology and the science of controlling robot with our mind is intriguing.
However, nothing is perfect. What i dont like about the movie. The first one got the be Robocop partner. His acting was adequate. I wish he plays more role in Robocop as his partner. Secondly, the villain. I hate that the motivation of the villain. So much power in his hand but his evil doing is not grand enough for the power he had. I wish he could be more evil.
As a conclusion, this movie discuss the human emotion, what it meant to be human. As the reasons written above, i gave Robocop a solid 7/10. I believe you guys will enjoy it.
Therefore, that will conclude my first movie review. I like watching movie and i hope i can do this more. And maybe improved on things i can say in this kind of entry.
Peace out people.

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