Friday, May 20, 2011

Photography through my Eyes...

Hello again,

I've cried my eyes out on the last post. Therefore, I think I share something that make me happy in this post. As the title suggest; it is about my take on PHOTOGRAPHY. I'm going to give you any tips because I'm not in a position to give such things. i just an enthusiastic photographer. I'm not a pro. i wish i am but i doesn't reach that high of an achievement. however, if you think what i wrote is any good for you. then please use it. I'm happy to teach anyone about this i knew.

But first, I want to speak of a short story on how I get into this business. it is really short. The story is I DON'T KNOW. :)) Actually, I think I started to get interested in photography is because of a friend. his name is Ajwad. also known as Ajinda. We haven't been talking for a while now. but I think I can still can him a friend. or maybe someone I admired. back in MRSM Kuala Lipis, I never knew anyone that is so interested in art at such a young age. back then we like to talk about cameras and comics art. of course, he was the better one. he was my mentor I could say. Anyway, seeing him so interested in photography and art makes me want to engage this world too. Unfortunately, because of my blind ambition towards getting rich fast, I put art on the side and try to focus on science and the professional part of life. Another reason for my interest, I could say is my mom. at my house there is a old Konica Minolta SLR lying around broken. my mom always told me that she wants to take picture with that camera one more time. My burning heart said "you know what mom, I'll give you even better. I'll give you a DSLR."
But not out loud of course. Anyway, with that I think to myself, maybe once I get to Canada I want to buy myself a DSLR even if I'm going to starve myself. haha. I guess my mom love towards camera is inherit to me. and my dad love towards gadget is also inherit to me. but that is on some other time. Third, I think is because I watch National Geographic and Discovery way too much. actually make me want to see the world. Thus born my love towards photography.

now, let's talk about my gears and why;
My Gear
Canon EOS 50D
This is my baby right now, Canon EOS 50D. With 15 Megapixels CMOS censor, a speed of 6.3 fps and DIGIC 4 image processor. It is pretty awesome for someone of my degree. I wish it has video recording possibility but it is okay. Still pictures are way more fun. :) But before i bought this one, i have another one. Canon EOS 1000D or Rebel XS. It is a beginner camera, so since I think I want to do more stuffs I change to my baby right now. 1000D was fun but the 50D is way more fun. Right now my 1000D is with my family back in Malaysia, hope it is doing fine. I want to list out the capabilities of this camera but I think it is insignificant. Only the nerds inside me wants to know that and I know you guys don't give a damn about it. Haha. but its okay. because it is not my baby who make me a photographer that I am it is my trio; Tokina AT-X 116 PRO DX 11-16mm f2.8, "the nifty-fifty" Canon EF 50mm f1.8 II and Canon 28-80mm f3.5-5.6 USM. I spent most of my time using the Tokina and the nifty fifty.

Wide Eye
Wide Eye
First of all, I think it would be cool to call my "weapons" with names. So this one is my favorite. "Wide Eye" the Tokina AT-X 116 PRO DX 11-16mm f2.8. I wont bother to tell what all those stats are. I will only tell you that it is an Ultra Wide Angle (UWA) lens with very fast aperture and  it is my favorite lens and also it is a very heavy lens. But although with that much weight in addition with my baby, I still have the most fun with it.
Now let me tell you the magical story I have with this lens, the scenery and the experience i shot with this weapon of mass photography. When we use our eyes, we see the wide angle of God's creation with our eyes. that is where the magic begun. this lens allowed me to take pictures as I see it. I love to sit on top of a hill or on a cliff (although I'm a afraid of height). With this lens I can capture the mood I was in. Looking at the sunset, seeing the beautiful Earth lay upon me. Unlike a telephoto or a zoom lens, a UWA capture the story of scenery, a story how a beautiful scenes come together. Capturing every essence of the sunset, of the beach, of the mountain, of the sea and all that God created. That is why I love this lens so much. Sharing scenery to the world is so much fun.
But Wide Eye is not only for landscapes, I also love using it indoors for people shots and sometimes objects. It will make the person looks weird because of the distortion, but it think it's pretty. And with the f2.8 aperture value, it is fast enough to take pictures without people taking time posing. I'm
Sunset with the view of Hull and Alexandra Bridge
A LAN party at Carleton University. indoor photo with low light situation 
Tulips and Parliament from a far.

This is the best lens I have. I don't if I ever can give it up. The only why I might let it go if people offer me Canon 16-40mm L series lens. This lens is so much fun. I LOVE THIS LENS!!

This is among the most popular lens in the world of Canon photographer. Almost everyone owns one. Because of the cheap price, and awesome quality, anybody with a Canon DSLR should buy this. The Canon EF 50mm f1.8 II or the Nifty fifty. again, I wont bother to tell you the details of this lens. But I'm just gonna say that this lens has a very fast aperture with f1.8 and very light. Most of the structure is plastic, that's why is light and also making it is pretty fragile. But it is money well spent in deed or even better. 
Maybe, I love my Wide Eye but I think I used this lens more than my UWA. My reason is because it is a "book". A medium of story telling. they say that a picture speaks a thousand words or story. So Nifty is the story teller that pass the story to my camera. Nifty is called a portrait lens. so basically this lens normally used to take portraiture. A person face has a story to tell, so Nifty  get the job done. Like a Jester telling a story to his king, this lens tells a story to me. Walking around seeing people and objects become more exciting with this lens. Taking their pictures and share it to the world is really satisfying. I LOVE THIS LENS TOO. Here are my some of my stories. 
A boy with a dinosaur painting  
A Working man
Orange Tulips
I wish I could show you more pictures. But it is going to take way too much space. :)

This is the lens I use the least. It is not that it is not good. but it is just way too old of a lens. This is the Canon 28-80mm f3.5-5.6 or I called him Stan. The reason I have this lens is because when I bought my baby, it is a kit with Nifty. So I needed one standard zoom lens first temporary. But I don't have the money to replace it yet. But it doesn't mean it doesn't pack a punch. With a little help from an editing software it can be a good lens. 
It is still a weapon to snipe a good photo.

Portrait of a Duck 

Guitar Man
Photography really make me happy when I'm sad. almost exclusively, after a very bad results or a very bad fight with my ex, I will take my camera and go for a walk. I think there is only 2 times I took my camera to snap photos that I really planned. Most of the time, i just walk and take photos. I don't care who I took, I don't care for who. As long as I can tell the story from my photos. Everybody have a story to tell, and I'm glad to be the guy to tell the story to the world. Although I can't write very well, I can still give my stories with a photograph. Photographs make me appreciate life a lot. Enjoying the beauty of God's creation. Plus;

Pictures Speak A Thousand Words. 


  1. post ni buat aku sedih. haha. tengah tak mampu nak beli charger kamera sony. :(
    btw, i need a nitty. f1.8 portrait lense. lama dah kan mimpi2. tapi sony punya mahal lah lense. hurm

    photography capture beautiful moment and the soul = priceless.

  2. Jangan sedih Dila...ak wat post ni semata2 xnak kasi sbb ak dah ckp byk post sedih...haha
    xpe Dila...sabar2 nati ko ad duit nati beli charger n 50mm Sony....tak pun...jual Sony beli Canon T3i...hehe

  3. Wahhhhhhh..

    Terharu betul baca post ni. Dudeee, come onnnn, of course la kita still kawan. aku ingat lagi last time kita jumpa kat depan Border Times Square.

    tentang masa zaman kat Lipis dulu.. kenangan weh. Kita jer yang bebetul minat pasal art, komik dan sewaktu dengannya. :D Rindu aaa zaman2 lepak dgn ko, amier, kamarul, padi dan lain2.

    kalau nak borak pasal kamera ke, ape2 ke, ckp jer, ym ada, facebook ada, twitter ada, ahaha anytime jer wey :)

    kalau balik MY, kalau ada masa, datang la jenguk aku kat cyberjaya ni. takkan la aku plak nak gi jenguk ko kat Canada. pokai den haaaa wahahaha.

    yeah teruskan perjuangan ko dalam dunia fotografi. Buat la travel punya fotografi, sebab ko mesti banyak jalan2 pusing dunia kan. Ahhh impian aku tu.. aku teringin sangat nak travel sambil shoot street ( street photography )

    last but not least, ni cadangan jer, buat la satu photoblog, khas utk gambar2 jer. pastu set lebar2 biar gambar besar gila. baru bestttt.

    ok tu je. sorry aku membebel panjang sangat. :D


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