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Gaming Wednesday: E3 so far

Hi everyone,
I want to start something here. So just go along with it.Ii will try to post news or my opinion on the gaming world every Wedenesday and I will call it Gaming Wednesday.

So since this week is E3 Expo at Los Angeles Convention Center, I thought I share with you guys what I watch so far. To be honest, the convention officially start tomorrow, but the major companies has already held their press conference announcing their biggest announcements. but today i will talk about the current major console company; Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. These three companies has make me wake up early to turn on their livestream to watch their announcements. So let's get started:


I'll start with Nintendo first because I actually get really excited for this company. One because they said they are announcing a new console on this year E3. Two is because they have not show the true capability of Nintendo 3DS. Now, lets start with the 3DS. This has been in my wishlist since the day it was release to the world of gaming.
Now, the DSes has been among the famous handheld gaming devices alive now. With the dual screen gameplay and touchscreen, it has changed the way games where played. and since it is from Nintendo, you know there is a lot of huge name to be in it. But with the arrival of Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo has changes the way people see portable gaming a little bit more. With the non-glasses 3D screen, people are amazed by its power. But ever since its launch, it has not been presented with big name games. So this E3, they decided to announce the release of its long awaited games for the handheld masterpiece. Here are among the titles are Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Times and Kid Icarus.
But this is not the biggest announcement they have. Their best announcement their next generation console, the Nintendo WiiU (i know the name kinda sound stupid). But I'm definitely impressed by it. here is its picture;
The WiiU
 The new generation of Nintendo's console is schedule to be released in 2012. i think they'll schedule it for the holiday season, just like any other console before. First of all, the huge thing you sees in the picture in  that person hands is the controller. Can you believe that? the new controller will have around 5-6" diagonal screen. based on Nintendo's presentation, there is a lot of stuff that can be done with the controller. Among it was:

  • an split screen for multiplayers.
  • a screen itself when someone wants to use the TV.
  • an additional screen for better gaming experience. 
  • and lot more.
i am totally amazed by how Nintendo manage create such a thing. I am totally amazed. what more amazing is the fact that Nintendo sticks to its gun on coming out with family entertainment instead of stuffing us with more "gamer" games (if you know what i mean). But that doesn't mean Nintendo is avoiding the "true gamer" society. They also announced that a lot of third party developer is interested in working with them to create more awesome games for the WiiU. Among mentions in the presentation were; Batman: Arkham City, Assasin's Creed, and Battlefield 3. Nintendo is truly grabbing the interested of casual family gamer and "true gamer". Here is the video of the new Nintendo WiiU


Now Sony, the Ferrari of console game. The company with big bucks and not afraid to use it. First of all, they apologize for the Playstation Network downtime. As they announce stuff, i think the PSN downtime have been a major factor of Sony announcements. Sony have one major announcement this year which capture my eyes. The announcement of their new handheld Playstation device, but first they announce quite a number of major release for this year E3. But i have to say, it is pretty weird that they barely mention their motion controller the PSMove. As when i thought that motion controllers battle is among the hottest topics right now, Sony did not come out with new concept or idea with their PSMove. Did Sony has given up in developing the best motion control games?
Now, lets talk about games. I think the best announcement they made with game is the release of their third chapter of one of the most famous brand they have; Uncharted 3: Drake Deception. To be honest, i cant talk much about any game they announce, because i dont own any console. :)) But still i can still comment on the graphic and gameplay based on the demo the showed during the press conference. And my thoughts on Uncharted 3 looks really awesome. how awesome it is makes me want to empty my bank account and buy a PS3 right away. They also showed Resistance 3 and the new generation of multiplayer gameplay with their magic of a HDTV and 3D glasses that solved the problem of split screen. Here is a picture on how they do it.   

Now, let's talk about the best thing about Sony press conference. Sony unveil the name of their Next Generation Portable device. They called it the Playstation Vita or PSVita. This is not the first time they shows this product. they showed it before. but on this E3, they announce the name and the price. before i watch the conference, i thought Sony might changed a little bit on their initial idea of the PSVita since i think Sony is going overboard on the capability which i think it would be ultra expensive. But i was wrong. Sony did not change anything about it. Here are they madness release on this portable console:
  • Front touch screen
  • Rear touch panel
  • 2 analog sticks
  • 2 cameras
  • awesome processor that allows stellar graphics preformances.
  • Wifi and 3G
  • and etc
when i saw this, i thought this gonna cost a fortune to own one. And then they announce the price of this sucka. it is price from $249.99 for Wifi version and $299.99 for the 3G and Wifi version. if we look at it as it is. yes, it is expensive. but if we compared it with Nintendo's 3DS, with $249.99 that is actually reasonable. it is crazy. they showed a gameplay video of Uncharted: Golden Abyss on the system. And i have to be honest Sony is crazy to put that price on the system. However, lets travel back in time, to the moment where PSN went down. i think Sony is really afraid of losing customers so they announce a lot of cheap products. The announce their set of entertainment with the PS3 which i cant remember how much but still cheap. They announce a lot of sequel titles that will have the previous game of the sequel in the Blueray disc. So yes i can conclude, Sony is winning back their demographic by lowering the price. HAHA. anyway, here is the video of the PSVita;


Nothing much i can say about Microsoft. in fact, i think Microsoft is pretty sad. During their presentation, they can only talk about new games that excited everyone. A lot of games were announce for the console. Unfortunately, Microsoft have nothing to combat new PSVita or the Nintendo WiiU. They only push the Microsoft Kinect further. I think i will try to talk about games on my next Gaming Wednesday entry. 
What Microsoft offers this E3 with the Kinect are Fun Labs and a whole bunch of awesome games that can be play with Kinect. The Fun Labs looks pretty fun but i think it is just not a huge deal. However, playing Star Wars with Kinect could be fun. Or the new Dance Central and Kinect Sports could be fun. But that is about it. Microsoft announcement was pretty dull. However, they still deserved a video:

So to end this post, I wish i could go to E3. Maybe one day. But the announcements by these big companies are amazing. I cant wait to see how gaming will evolved as time progress. so i'm leaving you with this GIF.

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