Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Adventure Across Ottawa

This will not be the continuation of my sad story. but this is the story of my adventure. why i called it an adventure because i cycled for 4 hours yesterday. just because i want to see the Tulips Festival 2011 here in Ottawa. At first, i was only planning for an hour cycle to downtown and back. but i think to myself. why stop there. so here is my route;
Hog's Back-> Major Hill Park-> Downtown-> Hull, Quebec-> along the Ottawa River-> War Museum-> Britannia Park-> Experimental Farm.
 All those destinations took me 4 hours. i can't even believe that my body can handle that much of cycling. so basically i rode my bike along the Rideau Canal and along the Ottawa River. To paint you a picture of are the Google Map of it...
My Route. From cool am I...haha

i know this doesn't mean anything to you. but i just think i manage to do something here. it just amazing. just since everything that happen to me lately. it just so fun to accomplish that i did this. people (Alias) told me to enjoy this time. so this how i enjoy myself. Other than i can cycle that much. i also manage to take few pictures along the way. and here they are.

dont know what its name...
Major's Hill Park Tulips with National Art Gallery
Parliament and Tulips

Britannia Park

On The Farm

Feeling Jiwang
So it was a day very well spent. get the most bicycle ride i had in month. sightseeing Ottawa on a bike is so much fun. Colorful Tulip Festival is always a treat to my eyes. I'm going to miss this place. i love it. seriously. Also, today i learned that Netherlands actually the bicycle capital of the world. wonder what i can do there. Alright that is all for now. it was fun writing about something fun for once.

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  1. along ottawa river tu ontario side ke? boleh sampai terus ke britannia? macam menarik sangat2 je adventure ko ni. tapi sedih basikal dah takde..

  2. actually ak lalu first km ottawa river on the Hull side tkt sesat...masuk la Ontario blk...mmg bley...jauh tp was very exciting and amazing...and also very tiring...air kena ad...hua hua hua


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