Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Little Holiday

Hello everyone,

Yes i know. i broke my promise to write more. i said one post a day right. i'm very sorry about that. since my final exam weeks last week i was still trying to give my head a break. i didn't post anything during the finals also. i'm very sorry about that. at first i thought i can write during the week. but 12 hours of straight studying is exhausting. like seriously exhausting. i think after Mathematical Methods in Physics exam, i can only find enough energy to just study. i couldn't find that extra energy to write anything.

Anyway, now i'm trying to make up for my mistakes of not writing. since it is my holiday right now, i will maybe use as many energy i can muster to write here. but i think the reason why i dont know what to write is probably i kinda figure out topic like 5 minutes before i write. so during this holiday i think i'm going to write stuff better. figuring out topics to write before hand. therefore here is a list of what i'm going to write during this holiday:

  • Games i play (I have some games i pick up that probably i would like to recommend playing.)
  • Movies i recommend
  • Science stuff (this need more preparation)
    • Dark Matter
    • Time travelling
    • quantum locking
    • mathematical or computer modelling
    • etc. (this is just a rough draft, if i found anything interesting i will write it here)
  • Sports commentary (i not much a jockey, but it is my blog so i would really like to give my 2 cents on soccer or any other sports. hehe)
  • Photography-i have left my camera for such a long time now. so i would really like to start again. maybe walk around KL find some subject to photograph. 
    • People
    • Architecture
    • flora and landscape
I guess that should be it for now. i catch you guy later. want to watch Li Na vs Cibulkova in Australian Open.

p/s: wow, i owe you guys and myself 20 posts. i will try to do it!!

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