Thursday, January 2, 2014

Nasi Goreng Tomyam (2/1/2014)

Hello everybody. 
I almost forgot to write here today. It is only the 2nd day and i've already forget to write things here. But dont worry. Now i here and i want to write. 

Today, not many things happen to me that i can teach you guys. I'm in my finals week in UiTM Perlis, so not much running around learning new stuffs. So how about i talk about the things i need to learn for tomorrow. Wait, i forgot to say that tomorrow (3/1/2014) i have an exam. Nondestructive Test (NDT)

So NDT is a simple yet a complex course if i need to put it simply. As you might know, anything that got design and make need to be inspected. But the inspection need to be done nondestructively, because somebody going to get mad if the component were destroyed during inspections. Mainly, we need to learn about 5 main NDT techniques which are Liquid Penetrant inspection (LPI), Magnetic Particle inspection(MPI), Radiography, Eddy Current testing and Ultrasound. I dont want to go into details but i can put into one sentence summary on all the tests.

1) LPI- It uses the concept of capillary action of liquid where the penetrant dwells into surface cracks to show where cracks are. 

2) MPI- it uses the concept of magnetic fields, by using ferrous dust on a ferromagnetic material to check cracks by magnetizing the specimen. 

3) Radiography- to put it very simple, it is X-ray inspection. 

4)Eddy Current Testing- it uses the concept of induced magnetic field and induced electric field. (I want to say more but i'm limited to one sentence)

5) Ultrasonic Inspection - basically the things that doctor do to pregnant woman to check for fetus growth only being done to solid materials to check for cracks inside the specimen. 

So that should give you a general idea on what  my final exam tomorrow will be about. Honestly, it looks simple enough because it is just applied physics. But it is so general i'm afraid they might get into details on the concept of each testing which as big as physics can get. So anyway, wish me luck. Going to need it. 

P/s: I cook today, Tom Yam fried rice with crackers and fried chicken. Maybe tomorrow i can talk about food. 

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