Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sleep Deprivation (4/1/2014)

Hello everybody,

4th post. Almost thought of skipping today because i went blank on what to write. i was roaming the internet for hours (just kidding, only 15 minutes). then i turn on youtube and i stumble upon this Head Squeeze video about sleep. I let you guys watch it first, very informative.

Now, i hope you guys already watch it. Why i got curious about this video is because its the finals right now here in UiTM Arau, Perlis Malaysia. Since it is a well documented that a lot of students really like to stay awake late at night to "study". i did it a long time ago back when i was studying in Canada. Therefore i will conclude right now that staying up late to study is BULLSHIT!!

Now here is why. As said in the video that sleep is important for everyone. it help body functions. injuries also heals faster during sleeping. without sleep, human are prone to make erratic decision and error in judgement (pretty the same thing yet i refuse to change it). Other effects of sleep deprivation are depression, memory problems, the weakening of immune system and increase in perception of pain (you'll feel pain easier). This facts are extracted from WebMD. click on it to know more. even worse sleep deprivation might stop muscle growth (no wonder i'm short). Lack of sleep even get to be a form of torture by certain individual and it was an effective move. 

Personally, I totally agree with what James May have to say. Sleep deprivation really stuttered my decision making. the worst i've gone without sleeping was 72 hours. i think it was around that much. i did it twice already my whole life and i've regretted ever done it. i stay awake by drinking coffee and energy drinks. mainly red bull. i thought that by staying awake i can be more productive in order to finish of assignments and lab reports. How wrong was i. after reading back things i wrote during the period of sleep deprived, it was like reading a report written by a 10 years old in the middle of Pahang National Forest. it was that bad. And also, i almost got hit by cars on my bike when i was sleep deprived. Conclusion, staying awake more than 24 hours or even 18 hours is not for me. 

So my advice to any youth, or adult if you want to listen, get your sleeps. it is always better to sleep and have a fresh mind than staying awake and thought that you were being productive. plus, lack of sleep might endanger your life or even worse life of others around you. therefore, go to sleep everybody. 

Good night and Sweet dream. 



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