Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Post A Day (1/1/2014)

Hi everybody,
It has been a long time since i write anything. But this year i want to make something crazy. I want to post something here daily. This will be my new diary. A place for me to pour everything in my heart. Talk about being gay right. But i think this might be good for me. I have thoughts and ideas that were left unattended. So maybe by writing daily i can probably let it all out.
For the first day of 2014, i thought i'll talk about my new year resolutions. Last year resolution did not go so well.
i) i did not get any 4.00 GPA last year on my two semester.
ii) i did not manage to lose weight till 60 kg last year dispite my cycling.
iii) i had a terrible a break up with my ex-girlfriend, Illani Ramlee
iv) i'm still a nobody in UiTM Perlis.
As you can see, i cant say that 2013 have been great for me. But my academic has been good for me, althought i believe i can do more. Maybe i was too happy with being in love, i feel like i can do anything when i set those goals. Damn, what a mistake. I wont make that same mistake.
Therefore, this year i think i might keep only one resolution from last year. Here are my new year resolutions:
i) I want to keep my dream to get a 4.0 GPA. I know i can do it. And i believe i can do it. Pray for me. I can handle physics.
ii) I want to be better.
Haha. Such original idea right. "Be better" only. Like u never heard that one before right. But i'm serious. I dont want to put to much pressure on my shoulder by putting too many resolutions. So i will only want to get a 4 flat. That's all. I know i can do many more things but this one is the only thing i care about. Being the best boyfreind and all that means nothing to me. But showing i can hit a 4.0, i can show the world i'm not an idiot.
That's all for now. I'll get back to you guys again tomorrow.

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