Friday, January 4, 2013

Hello New Year 2013

Assalamualaikum everyone,
How was your new year? i know i'm a little late (5 days late). i hope you dont have too much fun, it is just a change of date. Anyway, my last post was about my 2012 in review. So today, i would like to write about my new year resolutions. I do believe that New Year is just a change of date, but if you are going to start changing yourself to the better, 1st January sounds like a fun date for you to start your first step. People says the hardest part in changes is the first step. Thus, new year resolutions help those people who really had a hard time taking the first step. and i'm not proud to say that i am definitely one those people who's leg are so heavy that taking the first step is near impossible. but taking a new motto in life (borrowing from Adidas old motto) "Impossible is nothing", i want to try to take a step on achieving some new year resolutions.

So here's my new year resolution (Seriously want to achieve part):

1. Scoring a 4.00 GPA in one of my semesters or both this year.
Yes, you read right. I'm going for 4.0 GPA this year. I'm not the smartest person not even my family (I had always sees my brother to be smarter than I am) nor in this university. but last semester i manage to hit 3.8 and there is no going down anymore. i want more. so and unrealistic goal of 4.0 is set. wish me luck and please pray for me. i need as much help as i can get. (But you are in UiTM, how hard can that be. hahaha)

2. Lower my weight to 60 kg 
This has been in the resolution books for years now. the last time i'm that light is i think in form 4 i guess. haha. yes i am a fat kid. i am still a fat man now. but since i manage to lose 20 kg in 4 months or something, i thought this goal is not that hard. quite possible and maybe can be easy. (such a naive kid.) but nevertheless, i'll try my best to achieve this. this goal doesn't mean i want to get ripped. seriously i dont want to have that The Rock body or something. i just want to lose weight. (you sound like a girl) but hey, if getting ripped makes me lose weight, why the hell not right.

3. Get licenses!!!
this one is a very important goals. and i am ashamed of it. i cant be that boyfriend who had to ask their girlfriend to drive them around. that is embarrassing. i did it back when i was with Nadrah Jaafar. and it sucks! thus i need a license. at least motorcycle to go around Perlis.

So now here is some of my less important resolutions.

4. Learn to invest and invest.
why you ask? i am 23 years old and gonna graduate when i'm 25 years old. lets be honest 25 years old is pretty old. i need to have my life figure out during this learning experience. by the time i graduate at least i can make some money. most probably for a home, a car and most definitely to get myself a freaking wife. like seriously i'm very jealous of friends getting married left and right. dont comfort me saying why worry about that. getting married is a very good thing. it shows you are grown up. so by 25 or 26, i want a family. i'm serious.

5. Get Master in Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm
I've already promise myself to buy the expansion for Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty. and once i got to play that, i will train to get to Master. i still love Starcraft 2. I wish i could play it right now. but unfortunately my internet is not that fast to play it very beautifully. i missed it so much. but i will get better at it.

6. Try to get some important work in UiTM
Well, i would like to end my years in UiTM as some what of an extraordinary students. i might end these dreaded 3 years with an above 3.00 CGPA but i would like to end it with an ANC. But ANC is less impressive if you are just a student who study a lot. i would like to step up my game maybe by trying club or anything.

7. Do photography again.
I have been leaving photography for quite a long time now. my baby (Canon EOS 50D) right now is probably being used recklessly by my brothers. it makes me sad. so this year, i would like to start again. probably buy some new gears for the camera. maybe a long awaited super-zoom lens. or maybe a new body. or even buy myself a compact camera and do photography by using a small camera. Photography isn't limited to only DSLR right.

8. Buy a new laptop.
Since there are now Windows 8 and my laptop cant run it probably, i would like a new laptop. haha.

9. Be the best boyfriend ever.
This will only benefit me and my gf. haha. but it would be a good goal. maybe i can be better by being a husband. (i really would love to start a family right now)

10. Write more.
This would be the best way to end this post. I would like to write more. i'm happy now, so i would like to write more with more happy thoughts. plus i need a medium to practice my broken English. because in UiTM you'll only practice broken Bahasa Malaysia. thus, hopefully 2013 would have a lot more posts in this blog.

That's all for me now. What's your biggest resolution this year? remember, setting goals for yourself is the first step for success. like they said "Fail to plan, you are planning to fail."

See you guys again!


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