Friday, February 25, 2011

Canadian Museum of Civilisation

hello everyone,
so yesterday i went to another museum. museum is kinda fun to visit sometime. and this one, Canadian Museum of Civilization i actually enjoyed the most. The War Museum was fine. but this museum actually fascinated me the most. it is not located in Ottawa, Ontario but in Gatineau, Quebec. which is on the other side separated by the Rideau River. fortunate for me there are bus to go there although it is on a different province. so for once in my life i can say i went to Gatineau alone without knowing any french at all (yeah right, like i spoke a word there). anyway, there are a buttload of information to learn there. From the First Nation, kids, Post Office to how Canada came to be what it is today. so by far, i had the most fun here. here is some pictures i took there.

this is the first floor of the museum. this is basically the native stuff. always fun to watch the First Nation art crafts. they spay attention on precisions and details. the symbolism., i dont care much, you have to read it on your own time. 

This is actually a graphical representation of how the Earth was created by the original people of Canada. i'm not gonna fill you guys in. want to know u can google it or visit this Museum.

they shows the differences living state of all the First Nation people in Canada.  i think this one is the up North people. around Nunavut and stuffs. where it is cold. 

some equipments of wood carving i snap. 

A totem pole. i dont know what it supposed to represent.

a ceiling in the Museum. just want to show you the colourfulness of it. hehe

A 3D representation of Canada. guess where i am. 

A ghost..........i kid. no, it is actually a nun mannequin inside a hospital/church build inside the museum. not full scale but pretty cool.

I dont remember what this is...sorry.

A house inside the the Museum.

Yes. A train station
now, i have a lot more pictures but i think this is enough. the best part about this museum is because it show how civilization progressed in Canada, so what it does is shows a whole town. making you feel like u are in that time period. mostly around the the 30s or something like that. unfortunately, i actually went there on a free day. which is on Thursday from 4-8 pm. so i cannot stand read or hear everything (yes, i am not a fast reader).  thus i don't actually know about everything in there. THERE ARE A LOT OF STUFFS.

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  1. Your "train station" is actually a grain elevator fyi


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