Thursday, December 30, 2010

National Art Gallery

today....i went out again a freaking museum....HELL YEAH!!!anyway....i grab a slice of cake and a cup of orange pekoe tea (sounds grand right...not at all...just some stupid tea and a slice of cake)...the cake was good....but i have not gonna recommend....and then it was 4.30pm....and i said to myself....i wanna go in the National Art Gallery of Canada...all bcuz i got to see the inside of the Parliament, i just so pumped to go visit the Gallery...i spend a lot of time outside the gallery collecting thoughts in the in winter we go inside...i wish i have a lot of pictures to show but photography is not allowed if i show u everything will give reasons not to go wanna see what i see...go the National Art Gallery of Canada
The Building: National Art Gallery

Inside lobby


A garden in the middle of the Gallery in the middle of winter

The only piece i'm gonna show just bcuz i was amazed by this...just look at is freaking beautiful....
 A lot more to see in there...make sure u guys check it out....

p/s: after 5 till 8...the public gallery of the museum is open free for everyone...but not the special exhibit...the ticket before 5 or to go to the private exhibit is $7 for student.

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