Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Inside of the Parliament Building

finally...i have been to the parliament hill too many times relax, to watch concert, to make snowman...but never once i have the courage to enter that british inspired is free for public tours...a tour guide will bring you around to show you important part of the building n the parliament...the common room, the senate room and the most magnificent library i have ever seen...they will show you...and did i mention, it is FREE...if only i knew sooner...the tour guide will also give you some info on the history n the process involved in parliament...but being an ignorant man towards the government, i choose to just listen the mumbling sounds...and took pictures instead...

Memorial Chambers


Common Room

A sculpture...dont remember what for.

Entrance to the library

Another waiting hallway

Senate Room

A special mention of the people i went with.
p/s: a much more funnier story...i dont even have a clue about malaysian parliament or how it look like....but canada come first...haha

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